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Written by Barry G. Posted in Emu-Review


  • Developer: rock88
  • Genre: Emulators
  • Status: Stable
  • Price: £1.89 or Free version
  • Move to SD: Yes
  • Size: 2.2MB Download
  • Compatibility:

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aLynx - is a Atari Lynx emulator for Android OS 2.1 and higher. aLynx supports on-screen keyboard, sound output, OpenGL rendering, load/save games states. Play your favorite games from an Atari Lynx on a your Android device!

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Review -

The Atari lynx was a classic portable console and the first of its kind. This Lynx emulator alynx does the job it is ment to by bringing those classic retro games to your smart phone. The app contains a very nice UI (for an emulator) that is easy to work and within a minit we where set up and playing. You will need the Atari Lynx Bio file found on the internet just search on google for (LYNXBOOT.IMG) and your sure to find it, Load it up in the settings menu when you first start and the emulator will save it for future use. You can also map the controls to the Xperia Play (also able to map USB/Bluetooth gamepads) control pad in the settings menu and also take the on-screen controls off for the near to real Atari Lynx feel. This is the only Atari Lynx emulator on the market so we cant really compare it to anything else, but if your a retro gamer at heart this is a must for your emulator collection.

stars Rating 4

ScreenShot with On-screen controls turned on -

EMU alynx 1  EMU alynx 2

EMU alynx 3

 Video -


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