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Hardware Devices XperiaION

The Xperia Ion was the first Sony branded LTE (4G) enabled smart phone from Sony.  It was pencilled in as an exclusive for American network AT&T but has since been released in other parts of the world, including India and China.  Later on a HSDPA version was created for European markets but it never got a huge release.  It was a flagship device for Sony that didn't carry the NXT design like the Xperia S which was the European model.  It had a larger screen and Micro SD card slot as well as being Playstation Certified, 12MP camera and all of the other goodies like Micro HDMI out.


  • Screen: 4.6 Inch with Mobile Bravia Engine
  • Processor: 1.5GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S3
  • Battery: 1750 MHa
  • LTE 4G
  • NFC support Yes
  • Camera: 12.1 MP with Exmor R
  • Resolution 12 megapixels
  • Micro HDMI

Current Software Version: Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4

What we think?

The Xperia Ion is far slicker than the Xperia S and me personally, I think sony made a big mistake having the Xperia S instead of this.  The build quality is lovely, the screen is larger (and appears better) and the touch buttons below the screen seem to be better than on the S for some reason, although I execpt that this might be me looking through rose-tinted glasses.

A few other things that I really like about the Ion, is that it has 16GB internal memory and a MicroSD crad slot for up to 64GB cards.  The 4.6 inch Bravia enabled display is just amazing for gaming with plenty of space for virtual gamepads and a 720p resolution to make your eyes water.  Watching movies on it is very nice too, especially with the Ice Cream Sandwich update which adds the movie app to it.

Now the absolute perfect detail I love on the Ion that you do not get with the Xperia S, is the Smart TV dock that is available seperately.  Simply slot in the Ion into this gorgeous gloss black piano finish chargin dock that not only includes the micro HDMi out but also two USB ports for pluggin in USB devices.  The USB on the Go software has been supported on the Xperia devices since the Arc and is great for pluggin in USB keyboards, disk drives and of course Gamepads.  To give you a taster, below is photo of Sony showing off this set up below at CES in Las Vegas.


The major let down from our experience on this Xperia device, was that the software just didn't seemed to be very stable at all.  I mean, There is some games that would just lag horifically for no particular reason. Surely it is almost identical software to the Xperia S which is absolutely fine, so why does it have these issues?  There is always the possibility that the sample tested was just a bad egg as I don't have many bad experiences with reliability on Sony smart phones.



* Scratch Resistant display is super crisp.

* Solid premium build quality with Aluminium back

* Smart Dock accessory for USB Game Pads for Micro Console set ups.



* Poor battery life & software stability

* Limited availability in parts of the world



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