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Sony Tablet S

Written by Barry G. Posted in Devices


About the Sony Tablet S

Sony's entry into the tablet market was bound to happen sooner or later and it was interesting to see what direction they would take.  Thei Android tablet is a remarkable looking piece of kit.  Instead of following the herd and creating another iPad copycat, they have actually thought about design and customer experiences.  The design is to resemble the feeling of a folded magazine or newspaper.  Then we have the in built universal remote functionality, Playstation Certified gaming and Sony's super advanced home network sharing functions.  The Tablet S is designed to be your living rooms best friend, so much so that you can take the entertainment of your living room on the go too. These are just the USP's from Sony.  As well as this you have all of the Android functionality you would get from any other device.  The thousands of apps and games available on Android market, the growing library of cloud services and the greatest platform for mobile entertainment ever made.


Whether or not you agree with any of their descisions, I am proud to be a sony fan with this, as it is so unique for good reasons.  Why have they desided to go with a wedge shape?  Well it is simply to simulate the comfort of holding a folded magazine.  So many devices out there are boasting how thin and light they are, but you have to get a case to stop it smashing or damagin in everyday use and you end up with a chunkier device anyway.  This is the only tablet I have used where but just laying flat on a table, it is an absolute dream to type and see the screen clearly due to the raised angle.  Isn't this the point of Tablets?  Being Table-top friendly computers perhaps?!

The Universal remote feature is just unbeatable.  using the in build infra-red sensor, you just simply scan that of your TV or VCR and bam... programmed.  In the instance of it not working though, you can manually programme it yourself.  When you look at the list of manufacturers and models of devices supported by it, you will be astonished.  Some of us even had a giggle of some of the brand names that were on there. 

At first glance, you might think that the Tablet S feels a little plastic.  Doesn't quite have that premium feel that you get from the iPad for example.  But when you start to use it and have a good play.  Using the Touch screen, plugging in cards and cables.  You start to love the build, almost like subconciously, you are starting to understand it.

The Playstation Certified experience was an area (that being an Xperia PLAY owner), I thought was just Sony assusing their brands and just adding some extra logos to the device to help it sell.  But with the recently added PS3 Gamepad support, it has opened up a whole new area for me.  I mean, I love my PLAY and always will.  But there is times when a 4" screen isnt enough for long periods of gaming.


Technical Specification 

Operating system - Android Honeycombe (Upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich)

System chip - NVIDIA Tegra 2

Processor - Dual core, 1000 MHz

Screen - 9.? Inch X Black LCD (1280 x 800 pixels)

USB - Micro USB

Expandable Memory - Full size SD Card slot

Inbuilt Memory - 16GB or 32GB models available

Wireless - Wi-Fi b/g/n + Bluetooth 2.1 + Infra-red


Pics Sony Tablet S1



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