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Ice Cream Sandwich leaked (4.0.3)

Written by Mod Father. Posted in Custom Roms


ICS semi official leaked (4.0.3) stock/custom rom for Xperia play (GSM)




how this rom came about

There was a leak of the official alpha testing version and some clever monkey called Doomslord has turned it into a flashable ROM for us geeks. It's not perfect yet at all as the leak came in the form of a corrupt file in the tft format from emma (sony ericsson) and had to be saved by taking it apart and using the working file's inside then it had to patch it together for a semi working custom rom for us to try it out for are self's.


how will this rom will be deveolped into a better working standered

Doomlord has done his part and now the ICX ( nickholtus, xperiaplayer, deanboro, keiran, djsteve ) team + thomassafca on the themes are to step in and turn this base into a fully working custom rom for xperia play.


whats working what is not so far

1. gsm and data ( working )

2. wi-fi ( working but with issues )

3. xperia play controls ( update working - there is now a flashable tweek to fix but some ea games mite not work fully )

4. camara ( update working 4/2/2012 there is an update zip to fix it )

5. stock Launcher  ( doesnt allow to add widgets - workaround is to use the provided Trebuchet launcher or nova )

6. origanal theme ( working but there is a aosp theme that thomassafca has made looks nice and ics looking )

7. 3d gaming ( update working better - theres a flashable tweek to help fix this but some games crash still )


To check on how it is going or to download and try for yourselfs click here

sony ics leaked and modded


note = To flash this you must be on sony ericsson firmware ending  0.62 if not on this you can find a link to download from our stock rom section.


screen shots how it looks now after some tweeks -



Origanl leaked 4.0.3 full without add ons. Cheeky Video we made to show some of the cool visual aspects of the new OS. 


If you want a full listing of the new offical release Sony ICS features from Android, then click here.

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