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Cyanogen 7 Stable/Nightly roms

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 Cyanogen 7 famous Stable/Nightly for Xperia Play (GSM or CDMA).



Cyanogen mod 7 stable offically released stable custom software for sony ericssons xperia play. These stable roms are released fully working or should be, helped out by sony ericsson them selfs cyanogen have been able to port there famous cyanogen mod version 7.1 and upwards to our xperia plays.

Download the lastest stable release of cyanogen mod here for your xperia play (gsm) - CYANOGEN MOD

for full instructions step by step please see installing cyanogen mod in the begginers guide section or if you want cyanogens offical instructions click here 



Get a new updated version of cyanogen mod every night with there nightly builds. Very experimental these builds are released every night for us to download and install giving us great choice dont like the latest software dont worry only have to wait 24 hours for another hopefully more improved version.

 As stated these are experimently builds you have to take them for what they are, sometimes things that are broken with there stable roms are fixed, apps added, new options all the great things you expect from updates. But on the flip side features that mite of worked the night before stop working on the latest one the next day but nothing is perfect. These are experiments not stable versions and cyanogen refuse to listern to any complaints about them.
for instructions on how to install these updates please refere to installing Cyanogen mod as works exactly the same way.

Download latest and past Nightlies for Xperia Play here (gsm) CYANOGEN NIGHTLY 


If you would like to see the changes in each xperia play nightly click here CHANGELOG NIGHTLY.

If need any help or any more info on there forums click HERE

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