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Joystick Center 6 (Xperia Play) Set Up

Written by Barry G. Posted in Controllers

Joystick center 6 cover

USB/BT Joystick Center 6 set up guide for Xperia Play button to touchscreen mapping. (ICS only)

Developer: Poke64738
Genre: tool
Online: no
Price: £2.89
Move to SD: Yes
Size: 2MB Download
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Universal USB/BT Joystick Center, use nearly every Joystick, Keyboard & Mouse including the Xperia Play with touch screen only games. This application will allow you to re-map Your Xperia Play Hardware buttons/Touchpads to virtual on-screen touchscreen press, plus loads of other cool features like re-mapping of hardware buttons and even let you use a bluetooth wireless controller instead. Only for ICS roms this app is the perfect addition to Xperia Play effectively making every Android game Xperia Play Optimized Fully. Xperia Play set up instructions below.
Button Googlestore flat     Button Googlestore flat


Xperia Play general activation and touch profile set up Step by Step -


STEP 1: Main app set up (activation)

Step 1.1: Buy and download the main app and download the free touch add-on app (Both links above). When downloaded and installed both. Click on the main Joystick Center 6 app to start. you will see this screen.

Joystick 6 step 1.1

Step 1.2: To activate the app click the top left switch in menu bar (IME/off). You will then be asked to choose an input method seen below. Click and select the (USBjoyIME) select that and the switch will turn yellow (IME/on). 

joystick 6 step 1.2

Step 1.3: Open the Xperia Plays controls up and then press search button (hint; if does not detect it straight away tap on buttons to help it find it). The Xperia Play controller will now appear as a input pad for the app to use.
joystick 6 step 1.3
Step 1.4: To turn on The touch add-on feature please click on the switch in the top right side of the menu bar (J>T/OFF) you will now mostly likey get the Super User app Pop up asking for permissions, except this and you will get this pop up below meaning its running (J>T/ON) yellow.
joystick 6 step 1.4
 Step 1.5: Now its time to set up. Click the big Xperia Play button to bring up the button mapping options seen below ( NOTE IF YOU HAVE FOLLOWED INSTRUCTIONS AND JUST NEED TO TURN THE APP ON PRESS BACK KEY NOW ).
This part only needs to be done 1 time, To enable the touch editor in games (bring up or hide the edit screen where you choose what place a certain button should press) you will need to select a hardware button on Xperia Play (e,g select or menu button) for this action. To map your prefered choice, Please press the 1st icon (TOUCH Edit M) and then press the button of choice. This button will be your edit button. After you have done this you can exit the app by pressing the back key (Note: do not exit this app with the home key or the app will turn off).
joystick 6 step 1.5

 STEP 2: How to set up the touch profiles (SET UP)

Step 2.1: Now the main app is now running you can get to work mapping your hardware controller to touchscreen. You Can either do this in the game you want to map too or you can use the Touch add-on app which has a test space screen. For these instructions we will be using the test screen below. You will see this screen when open the add-on app.
joystick 6 step 2.1
Step 2.2: To start mapping press the button which you choose in (step 1.5 main app) This will now bring up the Edit touch mode. This Edit mode will appear over the image you are seeing in any game or in any menus and even home screen if want to edit.
joystick 6 step 2.2
Step 2.3: First off we will map the best thing about this app the touchpad. Press and hold the Xperia Play touchpads (Left or Right) center point, now while holding that down press any point on the touchscreen to place. That Touchpad will now be linked to the screen and look like pic below. The edit mode will now give you the choice to increase or decrease the Area/Range you want that Xperia Play touchpad to cover moving on the screen. Tap the top part of the Xperia Play touchpad to increase and tap the lower part to decrease this first mode will act like a fixed joystick. 
joystick 6 step 2.3
Step 2.4: This second setting allows you to make the touchpad act like you are sliding your finger across a normal touchscreen. you have to set it to what sliding speed you want, So hold the Xperia Touch button your mapping again (center point) like in (step 2.3) but this time swipe the onscreen button Left or Right to toggle the option to speed slide. The icon should now turn gold pictured below. ( Note: if you have placed this touchpad in the wrong place or you want to start again or move it. Hold touchpad and swipe on-screen button 1 last time to remove it and start again)
joystick 6 step 2.4
Step 2.5: Now the hard part is done you can now add the hardware keys (e.g Cross, Circle, Triangle, Sqaure or left and right shoulders). To do this simply hold the button you want to map down and while holding that tap on the touchscreen to place the button. (note if you want to change its place on screen or just delete it as not needed, Hold down on the button again and swipe the onscreen icon to remove) you screen should now look like this.
joystick 6 step 2.5
Step 2.6: Now everything is mapped you are ready to go. Press the button you mapped to the touch editor again (step 1.5 main app) and the edit mode will hide away and you can now test the buttons and pads working on the test screen, each press or movement will be shown as a red dot to highlight you have it working (these red dots will NOT appear out of this add-on app). This also gives you an idea of how it all works.
joystick 6 step 2.6
Step 2.7: Press the back button to exit the add-on app if using the test area. Wahoo now get gaming!!

Examples touch mapping in game
Edit mode on
painkiller JS6 pic
Edit mode off
joystick 6 step 3.2