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Onlive all pad patch

Written by Mod Father. Posted in Controllers


Play Onlive with Ps3 controller on Android (patched)

For those of you out there that brought the Sony Tablet's or those of you that Want to use the best controller in the world with your ICS Xperia (Works with live dock on android 3.1 and up) to play the future in gaming you can now.

Thanks to someone out there in the world of mobile deveolpment we have found a patched version of the onlive client app for android that has been opened up to except not only the Onlive wireless and X-box wireless control pads but most Usb controllers and controller apps out there including the world famous Ps3 dual shock 3 controller.


The patched app

To use this app you will need to delete any existing onlive app and then install this from sd there is no button mapping involved the usb controllers should behave as native pad to onlive. 



Issues with patch on Android 3.0

Every button and the dual sticks work as it should on the Ps3 Dual shock controller as if you where playing with an official Onlive pad. But there is 1 small issue or should i say 4, anyway to get to the point the buttons CROSS, CICRLE, TRIANGLE and SQUARE seam to be turned around from the X-box and Onlive's set up, but when you get used to it you will never know the difference. the picture below shows you the swap of buttons. This issue will sort its self out on ICS and become the correct way round.