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GameKeyboard (Xperia Play) Set Up

Written by Barry G. Posted in Controllers


Guide to set up gamekeyboard app so you can control the touch screen with the hardware keyboard.

Developer: Locnet
Genre: tool
Online: no
Price: £1.49
Move to SD: Yes
Size: 1MB Download
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Play any Android game with Xperia Play hardware buttons (No touchpads at the moment) with GameKeyBoard app. Map the Xperia Play hardware gamepad to a soft keyboard tailor-made for playing games. Works with touchscreen or physical dpad/gamepad/keyboard. Control games which require physical keyboard or special controller on any device (e.g. Flash, Xperia Play or Onlive games), or control touch-only games with physical keyboard/gamepad. For detailed info on setting up please read on.
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Intructions Step by Step-

Step 1: Download and install GameKeyBoard and then open the app and you will see this screen.


Step 2: Click on the step 1 button box and then the app will take you to Sony's settings (Language & Keyboard). Tick the box next to GameKeyBoard in that setting menu to activate the first stage. 


Step 3: Press the back key to take you back to GameKeyBoards main menu (Screenshot step 1). Next hold down on the second box down (in app step 2) and a box will appear saying edit text, click the Input Method button and select GameKeyBoard from the list for the second part of the activation.


Step 4: Click the 3rd box in the GameKeyBoards main menu (Screen step 1)  to see if the gamekeyboard pops out, if does you have done the first steps correct and you can move on.

Step 5: Click the 4th box down on the GameKeyBoards main menu (Screen step 1) to enter the apps settings menu. From here you will be able to set up the buttons needed, This part should only need to be done 1 time unless you want to change specific settings to talour the app to your own needs.


Step 6: Click the first box (select gamepad) and select the 6 button option as thats how many Xperia Play has to be used properly (Left/Right shoulder,Cross,Triangle,Circle)


Step 7: Click/Check the Show (Start and Select buttons) to turn them on and also Click/Check the (Re-map hardkey) check box on the settings menu (Screen step5).  

Step 8: Now click the (Hardkey mappings) to go into this menu below. This is where you map the Xperia Plays buttons to the onscreen virtual control pad. You only need to re-map 4 buttons as the other buttons (E.G Up,Down,Left,Right) will be already mapped as generic keys. To do this Click on a mapping box, Press the key you want to remap on the Xperia Play controller and then scroll down the list to the correct on-screen button. (E.G Cross {D_PAD center} = maps to Gamepad A) to make it easier just make this settings look like screenshot below and all will be set.


Step 9: Back out to the settings and then click on Layout Edit. Make sure you set drag and drop mode in touch profiles by clicking/checking the (layout Edit Mode) tick box. this will make it easy for you to change button place's in game.


Step 10: Back out to the settings menu again (Screen step 5) and scroll down the list. Please Click/Check the [VOL.up] Key action to allow easy changing of the on-screen mapper in game.


Step 11: Scroll down abit further and Click/Check the TouchScreen mode box. When you do this except the Super User allow or it will not work as should.


Step 12: Now settings are done press back to get to the GameKeyBoard app main menu (Screen step 1) and then press the bottom button exit and show keyboard to exit and start playing. If asks for Super User again make sure you click allow.
Step 13: Now go into any game which is Touchscreen only and while ingame press the Vol up button to bring up the virtual controller. Touch and hold on an on-screen button to drag and drop over the place on the screen where you want that certain button to press action. After you have set up where everything should be press the Back key to exit back into the game and have fun play touchscreen games with your Xperia Play Built in controls.
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