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Turbo Grafx - 16

Written by Barry G. Posted in Consoles


In October 1987, computer manufacturer NEC entered the video game business when it released a gaming console in Japan called the PC Engine. Though it was powered by a standard 8-bit microprocessor, the PC Engine featured a 16-bit graphics chip. It was capable of displaying up to 256 different colours on-screen (compared to 52 for the NES) and enhancing typical 8-bit resolution. The PC Engine was immediately successful in Japan. By April 1989, NEC had sold 1.5 million units. Sega had difficulty releasing its full 16-bit Mega Drive (known in the U.S. as the Genesis) system because the PC Engine had made such a major impact in Japan. Another unique aspect to the PC Engine was its size. It was smaller than the other consoles but provided more graphics power. Software for the PC Engine was programmed onto a sleekly designed new format called the HuCARD. Now recreate it on your android device

We have tested the pc engine [turbo grafx 16] android emulators available here it is.

Pce.emu [available on android market priced £2.59 Download link