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Super Nintendo

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The Super Famicom was released on the 21st November 1990 in Japan, and basically took over the market. A shortage of supplies meant that the Super Famicom's US release would be delayed one year; it was September 1st 1991 when the Super Famicom was released in America at a price of US$200. It was renamed the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Although the Super NES took time to catch up with the well-established Genesis, it finally made it. This is largely due to the exclusive games made for the SNES, considered some of the best games ever made. SNES was released in the UK in April 1992 for £150 and a few weeks later in Germany.


We have tested the snes android emulators available some on market some not.

Snes9x [used to on market but was taken off find it on makers web sitestars_Rating_5                               
Best looking and great game play can’t fault it

snesoid [taken of market available on free] stars_Rating_4
Most popular snes emu works great but slight slow down


tiger snes [available on web HERE] stars_Rating_4
Works great slight slowdown sometimes

snes a.d [available on Android market free] stars_Rating_3
Similar to the others