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Emulator PS1

Sony’s Playstation or ‘PSOne’ was first released in 1994 and became one of the biggest hits in computer gaming history. With nearly 1000 titles created by developers far and wide gamers were spoilt for choice!  The Playstation actually started life as a CD rom drive add on for the Super Nintendo but after a devestating fall out with Nintendo, Sony decided to go on their won and make a games console.  So Sony computer Entertainment was born.  The PSOne gave birth to a whole new era of gaming and gamers alike with pioneering titles like Wipeout, the next generation of Final Fantasy games and the legendary Gran Turismo.

Where to start?

Be it the Xperia Play, S or Sony Tablet or any other of Sony’s Playstation certified family the point of the devices themselves is just that; PLAYSTATION CERTIFIED. Whether you’ve just opened up your brand new PS certified device or you’ve had it for a while, we can help you get that classic PS experience you wanted when you bought this delicious piece of kit! So, where do you start when trying to get that PS experience?  There are two ways in which you’ll be able to get going with some classic gaming. The pre-installed Playstation pocket app for the easiest and best gaming experience; and a Playstation emulator to get ALL your old favourites!

To get your favourite games to work you’ll need two pieces of software; the console (emulator) and the games (game roms/iso’s). The emulator is an app that you install just like any other. The game roms are separate files that are copies of the original game; you can either rip one of your old Playstation games or download it (google is your friend here). The main thing you’ll need to get your games to work is a ‘psx bios’. You can purchase the ‘bios file’ on the Google Play store but you can get a hold of it for free anywhere on Google by searching for ‘scph1001.bin’.  Some emulators will run without this but it means you wont be able to save your progress. 

FPSE logoSo with so many emulators and apps available out there in the worls, which is the best?  It is a touch call as many competing emulators have cool features whilst some will have performance tweaks and some work better with different devices.  Here at Xperia Gamer though, as we are HUGE fans of Xperia PLAY.  We test all of our emualators with this device so we recommend emulators for that.  The official PS Pocket app is ultimately the best experience you are going to get.  Everything works without any tweaking or setting up.  With more recent titles you will notice that they have even optimisd the analogue touch pads too.  However the selection of games available on the PS Store is so limited.  That is where the best PSOne emulator for Android takes over.  FPSE is the most popular for a thousand reasons but to pick up one for this post, I would say its because it's constantly getting updates and improvements.  Even the simplest of touches make a difference, like the fact that the devloper has put the coe in so it appears in the Xperia PLAY Launcher. They didnt have to do that. For our full review of FPSE, click on the icon.


Getting Games

 So now you have the emulator, it's time to start stashing up those games.  What was your favourite PSOne title?  It's a hard one to answer, as there was so many games avaialble, pretty much everyone has a different choice.  Our top 5 amongst the team here are below for your reference.  Whatever game you wanted to play on your Xperia PLAY, you will have to download the rom file.  We recommend as a site to download yoru titles from.

Tekken 3

The best of the series and the most advanced. Fighting games were all the rage in the nineties and this was about as sexy looking as they came. There is a few minor problems with the sound on some emulators but this can be tweaked in the emu settings.

Emulators PSX tekken3Emulators PSX tekken3 2

Final Fantasy 7

I used this game to test out the disk swap feature as original game had 3 disks and would require you to swap mid game which am pleased to say had no problems with.  Such an iconic game for a whole generation of gamers.  I can even remember buying this myself.

Emu_PS1_FFV113 Emu_PS_FFVII2

Twisted Metal 2: World Tour

Favorite of Barry G here in XperiaGamer offices.  Love the carnage, love the destruction and love the Rock n Roll.  Simply the best incarnation of the entire series.  Only problem with the game is that it is one that needs both sets of R & L buttons so will probably need some tweeking with your set up.  For Xperia PLAY users we recommend turning the volume buttons into L1 and R1 and then us ethe real triggers as L2 and R2.  This way the real triggers will be the fire power!!!

Emulator PSX Twisted2Emulator PSX twisted22

Gran Turismo

The benchmark of driving simulators and started an entire series of epic driving games on all Playstation consoles since it started.  Definitley one to play on a HDMI device and then play the split screen with two Bluetooth controllers.  Or you could just complete the whole thign from start to finish over a year of toilet visits.  :D

Emulator PSX GTEmulator PSX GT2

Crash Bandicoot

Comes pre-installed with most Playstation Certified devices and is totally awesome.  One of the most iconic titles from the PS1 and despite its kiddy/cartoony graphics is actually quite a hard game to complete.  I mean the frozen bridge levels at the end of the game are just ridiculously hard.   Don't believe us?  Give it a try!

Emulators PSX crashEmulator PSX Crash2


Other Emulators

We have tested a handful of other emulators on our Xperia PLAY.  The important thing to remember with emulators is that they are not technically legal so you will find them vanish from the Google Play Store very quickly. If you do find any broken links here on this website, then please do not hesitate to alert us by droping us an email.

 Ems PSX4Droid iconEmulator PSXArcade IconEmus PSXemulator

An important thing to remember here is that once you’ve got started with all this Playstation goodness, it is worth checking out the Google Play Store for titles like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Super Monkey Ball, which of course are Playstation 2 games! We’ll hopefully be seeing more of these badass games pop up soon too!