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Nintendo Entertainment System

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Emulators_NES The Famicom was released in Japan in July 1983 at a price of US$100. The Family Computer or Famicom console was intentionally made to look like a toy and was released strictly in Japan only. It took 60 pin cartridges. In its first year of release, the Famicom was often found to be quite an unreliable console with numerous bugs and freezing problems. Yamauchi did not want this system's future to be threatened and so he recalled all sold systems and stopped further production until the problems were fixed. Famicom was re-released with a new motherboard but the same familiar design. In 1984 Nintendo felt it was time to bring their console to America. After the Video Game Market Crash, Nintendo released their console as the Nintendo Entertainment System to American audiences with extreme scepticism. Nintendo had to promise retailers that they would buy back all unsold systems as they were weary that no-one would buy after the crash and the push towards home computers. The console was redesigned to look less like a toy and was front-loading with larger, 72-pin cartridges. Test-marketed in New York, the 100 000 consoles sold out quickly. The Famicom and NES were later redesigned as the AV Famicom and New NES. This idea was a way of selling a few last consoles before production stopped and was a cheaper alternative to the Super NES. Because the NES lived so long, the games kept getting better and better as programmers gained better knowledge and equipment to produce games. In the end more than 50 million consoles and over 350 million games sold. There were many interesting accessories made for this console. It is also the console with the most released pirated games and clone consoles. This is by far one of the greatest and most successful consoles ever made. Now play it on your android device.

We have tested the Nes android emulators available some on market some not.

Nesoid [find it here free on slideme.comstars_Rating_4   

By far the most popular one, it is one of the best but it is free.


Nes.emu [available on android market priced £2.59] stars_Rating_4

Just as good as Nesoid so I guess it's a case of either, or...

John Nes [available on android market priced £2.99] stars_Rating_3

Is a great emulator but can't find any reasons for it to be more expensive than the other ones.

Nes pro [available on android market priced £0.61 ] stars_Rating_1

We have to mark this one down as bad because we had huge problems with license checking.  God we hate License checking!!!!