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Mega Drive

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The Sega Mega Drive was released on October 29th 1988 in Japan, Sega soon announced their initial US release date of 9th January 1989. Sega of America could not use this name as it was already trademarked by another company. They went with "Genesis" instead, meaning "in the beginning", and emphasized that the Genesis was the first true 16-bit system. The European release of the Mega Drive was November 30th 1990. It came to the UK first (at a price of £190) The Mega Drive/Genesis did fairly well in most places where it was released, mostly due to its arcade ports, sports games and platforms. Although it did not win the 16-bit war, it sure did shake things up for Nintendo and made its mark in console history.

We have tested the Megadrive android emulators available some on market some not.

MD.emu [available on android market priced £3.23 Download link] stars_Rating_5

The best.

Gensoid [available on web at] stars_Rating_4

Slight sound problems but popular 

Genplusdroid [available on Android market free] stars_Rating_3

Stutter and slow sometimes but great for free 


Genesis a.d [available on android market free] stars_Rating_2

Rom loading problems as well as others.