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The Sega master system was released in the US in June 1986, a year after the Nintendo Entertainment System, and sold for US$200. The Master System was released in other places soon after including Japan (in November 1987). The system failed to make the impact in America that Sega had hoped for, mostly due to support for the dominant NES with its exclusive third-party developers. The Sega Master System sold 125 000 units in its first four months, but in the same time, Nintendo sold 2 million NES consoles. Nintendo had 90% of the market in America, and it would have taken a big effort to win them over. But In Europe, there is a different story about the Sega Master System. It was marketed in many countries, including some place’s Nintendo had not yet ventured to. There was lots of third party support for the system in Europe and it outdid the NES. In effect, Nintendo had to license some popular Master System titles to the NES to try and make some sales. The console was supported by Sega in Europe up until 1996.

We have not found any proper master system emulators properly as the Gamegear ones play both, we have tested the Gamegear android emulators available some on market some not.

Gearoid [used to on market but was taken off find it here on slideme.comstars_Rating_4

Most popular screen issues can play master system games too.

Droidgear [available on market free] stars_Rating_3

Need Io file manager installed but ok?

Gearator [available on android market priced £1.29] stars_Rating_3

Screen issues like Gearoid can play master system games too.