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Coleco first showed off their new console in June 1982 and shocked the industry (since Coleco hadn't made any home consoles since the Telstar and had not given any warning of this new console). They began selling their consoles to the public in August for $175 and had sold 550, 000 units by Christmas 1982 and proved to be a real winner for Coleco. Superior to the competitors console it would provide arcade quality graphics and gameplay (thanks to a Z-80A processor). Coleco was not as fortunate as others. They had no presence in the arcade industry and so they had to get licenses to the rights of arcade games made by other companies. Their first target was the very popular Donkey Kong by Nintendo. An agreement was reached by December 1981. Coleco then proceeded to get licenses for other coin-op games. While Coleco Industries stayed afloat for a while with the production of Cabbage Patch Kids, they eventually filed for bankruptcy in 1988 due to the Great Video Game Market Crash of 1983-84.

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