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Atari 2600

Written by Barry G. Posted in Consoles


It may look like a station wagon but the Atari 2600 delivered some amazing games to us like; Frogger, Pitful and even the very first Mario Bros game before Nintendo thought about making games machines.


Released October 1977 in the USA at a price of $199.99, the Atari Video Computer System was the first successful video game console to use interchangeable cartridges rather than having one or more games built into internal ROM chips. The system came bundled with a Combat cartridge, 2 joysticks, the Paddle controller, power cable and RF modulator. About 6 additional games were available for purchase. The system's popularity continued to grow after the release of Taito's arcade hit "Space Invaders" on the system in May 1980. Atari also attempted to bring out newer consoles with little success, however, their 8-bit home computers sold fairly well. In the Atari 2600's lifetime, it is estimated that 25 million systems were shipped and its video game library numbers around 900 games. It was also the subject of a number of clone systems - even decades after the system was released a number of plug and play TV games were made that simulate the 2600's electronics and includes a number of ROMs built in. The 2600 is still a popular for hobbyist developers who continue to make new games.

We have tested the Atari 2600 android emulators and with thorough investigation work, we only appeared to find one.

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