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Playstation Store app review

Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog


Playstation store on your Playstation Certified Device's 2011


Playstation Store Opens for Playstation Certified device's - 


Having logged into my PSN account with this App I have discovered that my PS One classics that I purchased for my PSP and PS3 are not available.  What I mean by that, is I have purchased Twisted Metal on PSN already but I have to buy it again for my Xperia PLAY which is slightly dissapointing.  Also the games I already purchased via Market from Sony like Jumping Flash or Destruction Derby, again I have to pay for again.  Oh well... I don't mind losing a bit of money sometimes, we here at XperiaGamer are happy to try things out from time to time.


The Buying Experience

So just by selecting UK and startign the app, I am presented to a selection of games which includes some we have not seen yet.  These are; Twisted Metal 1, G -Police and Kurushi Final.  When you select a game you get the information bit similar to PS Store on PS3 and then when you click to buy, you will presented by the log in screen for PSN.  We have checked with our UK accounts and these are accepted absolutely fine.  We are soo excited right now...  PSN is finally on the PLAY.  Naturally when you go to buy a game it conmtinues to look just like the PS3, asking you to add funds to your wallet and downloading after payment is completed. 


So the game starts downloading as it normally would and installs absolutely fine.  What I don't understand is that the Twisted Metal game is only 50MB and the secondary download is only just over 200MB.  Have Sony compressed the games?  They must have because that is all I have on my PLAY and the game is playing absolutely fine.  When you open up the game, it will ask for your PSN account details again.  This is just their version of DRM, but I wanted to see if this will happen everytime you want to play the game so I turned off my PLAY and tried again.  It didn't ask for the PSN (Woohoo).  So this means that you will be able to play your PSN games on the plane without having to worry about stupid DRM blockers.


Games available now-




Jumping Flash


Cool Borders 2

Jet Rider 2

Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter 3

Twisted Metal

Kurushi Final

G-Police (Xperia PLAY exclusive)




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