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ICS for PLAY gets Certified

Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog

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They confirmed last month that this software was binned, but it's just been certified.

We are now ever so confused, probably more so than others.  Back last month, we were actually one of the first websites to blog about the fact that ICS had been canned by Sony for the Xperia PLAY.  Being a blog site dedicated to Xperia PLAY we are ever so slightly passionate about it although we understand both sides of the arguments around this controversial decision .

Confused ISC PTCRB;Blog confused ICS arcgrab

Well this morning, we discovered that yesterday Sony.received certification for the ICS software version for public use.  Does this mean that Sony have changed their mind?  This website PTCRB, lists all certified versions of software for each device.  I am not sure if they have to legally but without fail the correct versions are always listed which are soon to be released to the public.  This most recent number for Xperia PLAY (highlighted below) is almost identical to the ICS number we find on the Xperia Arc. 

So our priorities for this weekend are very clear.  Back on the phones to Sony to find out if they have given in to the bombardment of critism and moaning from users and critics a like.  Me personally I believe If they do release this they won't have fixed the bugs with gaming on Xperia PLAY and just clearly state that if you want to install this, it will screw up most of the games.  The reason for the conflict is that Sony's Xperia PLAY gamepad drivers (for which hundreds of games have already been designed on) conflict with the USB gamepad drivers built into Androids Ice Cream Sandwich platform.

Again, we must apologise for causing any confusion guys but we are just as baffled for now.  But if it this ever does come to light, it is down to peer pressure and will probably ruin what makes Xperia PLAY better than others.

Keep posted for more information on this matter.  We are on the case to hunt down for the answer.

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