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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on Android

Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog

Blog BlackOps Zombies

Another month and another stepping stone for Android gamers everywhere!

We here at Xperia Gamer are very careful about posting pointless articles on rumours which have no creditable backing to them.  Which is why we take huge pride in finding leaks and administrative errors ourselves... especially when they come from the people that make it.  Although it won't stop an army of websites copying this article and not even giving credit to us (sigh).

It is no longer a dream.  Possibly the biggest game series of this generation is about to land on Android.  Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies by the looks of things will be released in the next few days or weeks and we have the manual to prove it.  We found this page when doing our weekly research and it is from the official Call of Duty website.  Which leaves us with no shread of doubt that this is actually happening.

Blog call oif duty zombies grab1

The manual does give us a little information to the game.  It will have multi-player locally using Bluetooth or you will be able to go online and play droids all over the world.  It will have 50 levels and even some hidden ones too.  Unfortunately it doesn't state if it will support Xperia PLAY controls or USB game pad settings.  I hope it does, to compete with Dead Trigger of course.

  Blog call of duty zombies screengrab2

Update - (21st July 2012)

Since writting this article, Call of Duty have taken down this particular page so it was clearly a mistake to publish it so early.  However, some clever Monkey noticed that the page will be republished soon "This blog post is scheduled to be published on Jul 25, 2012 at 6:47 AM.". 

We are betting money that is the date this was supposed to be published and the date that COD is coming to Android. As stated now available already on this field manual (Screen grab above), so expect something good around the 25th.



Update - (25th July 2012)  

So the first good sign has appeared today like we said with the Android Field Manual being republished SOURCE!! 

This is great news because we now can say this is 99% not a mistake and Call Of Duty is definitely coming out for Android, as not likely that Activision would make a second error with re posting a totally wrong article. :)

As this Field Manual still states that the game is out to buy now on Android we suspect we will see it in the store very very soon. Keep refreshing the market as could be now a matter of hours!!



Video of IOS version running.




Keep posted here on Xperia Gamer or follow us on Twitter, for more information about this release. Link to Original source (17th) Taken down.

New link to the Article Source dated 25th, The original Field Manual (above) Republished 

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