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GameKeyboard Update is a Touch of Genius

Written by Mod Father. Posted in Blog

Gamekeyboard any onlive game 1

Want to play any Onlive game with your touch screen only or customise the virtual pad of Android games?

Well now you can if you have a rooted Android 3.1 above device with the new update to the Gamekeyboard app developed by Locnet. 

Emulate a full native Onlive USB/Bluetooth controller including the analog sticks on your Touch-screen, with the new emulated joystick function in the Gamekeyboard application available on Google Play store. Move and change around a layout to suit your own taste and have access to the whole of Onlive's game library not just the little they have optimized with just your normal touch-screen Android. Perfect for Xperia S, Xperia Ion and Tablet S when your on the move and have no room for a chunky controller to take with you. Warning this application is a little hard to set up first time starting out but once set up its as easy as taking candy from a baby, for full instructions please visit locknet's Website.

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Onlive's Controller or Keyboard only Assassin's Creed -

Gamekeyboard any onlive game 3

Not only can you play any Onlive game but you can also play any USB controller supported Android game with this app too (E.g Max Payne below).

Gamekeyboard any onlive game 2

More Info coming soon!!!


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