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Xperia Death Match on Modern combat 4

Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog

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Just a fun video that we put together of us here at Xperia Gamer offices, battling it out on Modern combat 4 multiplayer.


We were messing about one day playing Modern Combat 4 then we got in a little dispute about which set up was more enjoyable playing.  So we decided to have a one kill, multiplayer death match over Wi-Fi.  Then we thought it owuld be fun to record it and release it on our YouTube channel.  So my colleague chose to use the superior hardware of the Sony Xperia T and the new MOGA gamepad for control.  I simply stuck to my trusty Xperia PLAY.  If you have not heard of the MOGA gamepad yet, then visit out hardware section to find out more. 

Before our comments box below gets filled to the max with people moaning that it isn't a safe comparison and that whoever won this showdown is down to the player and the network conditions rather than anything else, we know this already.  As we said before, it is just a fun video.  It doesn't represent the capabilities of Modern combat 4, Xperia PLAY, Xperia T or the MOGA device but it does show you that I woop my colleague using an Xperia PLAY.  :p

What it does show you though, is the frame rate performance difference between the Xperia PLAY and the Xperia T devices.  Yes it does help that Xperia T has a faster CPU and more cores but the graphics processor is just so much more advanced.  Delivering a far smoother frame rate which at any point and makes the game look so much nicer.  BUT... all of us Xperia PLAY gamers know, this doesn't matter, because whilst dozens of companies around the world are trying to design the ultimate smart phone game pad, the Xperia PLAY already has it.  If the Xperia PLAY game pad wasn't so brilliantly designed, maybe the Xperia T and MOGA would have won.

See for yourselves below, our latest video available on YouTube.  If you haven't subscribed to our channel yet, then do it!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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