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Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog

What we have been working on and why we have stopped updating XperiaGamer

We achieved many great things with Xperia Gamer and for a bunch of guys who had never built a website before, it was incredible fun and we learned a great deal. Ultimately, we only started the website as we were such huge fans of the Xperia PLAY device by Sony Ericsson that we wanted to share the cool things we found like games, modifications and apps to better the gaming experience.

However, in the later days of the Xperia PLAY, we started to realise how limited we were by just having the XPERIA name as our portal as there were other great things out there we wanted to talk about. For example, the DualShock support in Xperia tablets and smartphones is in ways the legacy of the Xperia PLAY and we want to build a database of HID optimised games for this. But also, there is some cool stuff happening in the world of Android gaming, such as the NVIDIA shield, OUYA, Amazon's Fire TV console and many other set ups. This is where our new portal steps up to the mark, say hello to JoypadJedi


The single most important element of JoypadJedi is the database of Android games optimised for gamepads and consoles and where to buy them. Not only is the Google Play store still confusing as to what hardware is supported but, you can also get games from the Amazon app store or from the OUYA store and Playstation Mobile. So a cool game gets released, we test and find out which gamepads and consoles work with it and we tag them, simple. For example, for followers of Xperia Gamer, if you click here, it will take you to the Xperia PLAY section for the latest games available. Or if you use the DualShock controller with your Tablet Z or Xperia Z2, then a list of Dualshock optimised games are available here.

Screengrab of the website showing the DualShock optimised section of the games feed.

There is also a hardware section we have built, where you will find the latest gamepads available and devices. What this is for, is to help people discover what the best kit is and for what formats. We are not going to bother reviewing every tablet or smartphone under the Sun, as there is too many and I don't want to be another snobby website that just moans about silly things, instead I will only write about stuff that's worth writting about. :)

JoypadJedi is still very much in its infantcy (BETA mode) and I am building up the database as much as I can. So please, stop by and have a look around dear followers. If half as many of you that still visit XperiaGamer today, then it will be a great start to becoming the better standard of web resources, us gamers need in todays market.

Hope you enjoy and don't forget to come and say hello on Twitter or Facebook too.

One of our biggest successes with Xperia Gamer was the overwhelming amount of hits we saw on our YouTube channel. We hope to repeat this success with JoypadJedi's new YouTube channel.

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Contact Us!

If you have any feedback regarding the website, any of its content or perhaps even to suggest ideas.  Please do not hesitate to contact us as we are more than open minded enough.