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Order & Chaos Subscription Removed

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Gameloft bring major new update to their smash hit MMORPG and best of all they have apparently removed the monthly subscription fee.

The latest update (1.2.2) to Gamelofts year old Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game "Order and Choas" brings forth many new additions including new player vs player (PvP) arenas, new high-level items and a new nick shop but best of all they apparently have removed the monthly subscription fee according to the description.

The Subscription has been removed for a while on IOS and now us Android users get to play the game as long as we want free from paying anymore then the one off app price of £4.99. There are still a few IAPs in game to buy extra objects, gold and perks, but if you like us were put off by the expense that this game would or could amass if you got in to playing it for any lengthy period then this may be a good time to give it ago.

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Full List Of New Content

  • PvP arenas – Let's battle!
  • Mount system
  • 4th Dungeon – Sailen: The Palace
  • New Nick shop
  • Batch of new High-Level items
  • Polish and Modifications:
  • Subscription removed
  • Business skill modification and balance
  • Bigger chest


To grab yourself a copy of this fully Xperia Play Optimized title (if not got already) click the Google Play button below :)

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