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Nintendo DS Emulator, Drastic

Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog

New Nintendo Ds Emulator has arrived on Google Play and it works on the Xperia PLAY.

So here is another console to tick off the list as successfully emulated on Android, Nintendo's hugely successful NDS.  There has been some incredible games made for the DS and most of them involve Mario in some shape or form but you can't argue they are great.  New Super Mario Bros is just an incredible game and one that I have wanted to have on my Xperia PLAY for a while.

So all of this excitement is down to this video released by Joypad Jedi.  Showing the emulator in all it's glory, running on an Xperia PLAY.  In the description it claims to not have been overclocked or customised in anyway, this emulator is working on stock gingerbread software.  But we don't need reassurance for that, do we?  I mean, we all know how epic the PLAY is.

If you want to get Drastic, then it is avaialble from Google Play Store - Click Here

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