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New Firmware on the way for Xperia PLAY

Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog

Blog PLAYnewFirmware

Three new firmware updates mite be coming soon to an Xperia PLAY near you... but what is it?

The hopes of Xperia PLAY getting a software update past Gingerbread or any other software update for that matter, died quite a while ago and many have just assumed it to be a dead product. Well, how about this for an injection of hope for Xperia PLAY gamers.  Just this week, Sony have been given certification for three new firmware updates.  Take a look at the below.  One that looks like a standard Gingerbread (4.0.*) update and two that have totally different build codes starting with the ICS (4.1.*), the likes we have never seen before. See the list below and the interesting one is 4.1.H.0.23 (H = never before seen build number).

Blog PLAYnewfirmware shot1

Well, I am firstly gobsmacked, then ridiculously excited and then confused... why now?  what has changed for them to finally bring new software to a product that to Sony was dead. Now we here at Xperia Gamer, are pretty reserved when it comes to rumours like this and we have a keen eye for legitimate information.  We have no idea what this new H formware could be.  We posted on XDA developers about this and already we have two pages of theories, daydreams and hopes. 

There is two things that am pretty sure we shall see in this new firmware if it comes to the public.  One, is the improved Xperia PLAY launcher that we say originally in the ICS Beta rom.  Which is below for those of you that haven't seen it before, looks very nice.  The second is maybe more integration to Playstation Mobile services.  Maybe that will be integrated into the Xperia PLAY launcher.

Blog PLAYnewfirmware shot2

The ICS update was cancelled we beleive because of the performance issues as an OS it had on the PLAY and also the confusion between the Gamepad configuration and the generic Android gamepad inputs.  Maybe Jellybean sorts all of this out?  It is a more RAM friendly OS than ICS and with the extra time, perhaps Sony have found a way to sort the gamepad optimisation out.

Well, I will finish be saying that the Xperia PLAY continues to get support from developers.  This Winter we have already seen GTA: Vice City, Jet Set Radio and Modern Combat 4 as ell as other cool games like Paper Monsters.  The PLAY continues to surprise people and you know what, this genuinely has surprised us.  We are full of the same hope, exctement and curiosity as the rest of you.  We will be keeping a magnified eye on the World to find any more news on this.

Feel free to share your own theories below guys, we would love to know what you think.  Keep posted for the latest developments on this.  As soon as it's out, we will be making a video on it for sure.

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