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First taste of games for 2013: Repulze

Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog

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Pixelbite Games have a new future racer on the way which looks absolutely amazing!

Well, we knew things were going to be quiet during the aftermath of Xmas.  Everybody is too busy with the sales to release any new games at the moment, but as we have pretty much already bought those games i the sales, we have been on the hunt for what is coming in 2013.

So far there is one game that stands out for us and that is Pixelbite's next Android release 'Repulze'.  This game was announced at the back end of last year and came with a teaser advert but since the new year, they have released a longer video with more to look at.

So what if this game looks like it is a total copycat of Wipeout?  Doe's that bother any of you?  When the Original Wipeout was made available on PS Store for Xperia PLAY, I almost exploded with excitement but I crave a new version and well, there is not going to be one on Android.  The version on the PS Vita is amazing and I would pay silly money to have a ported version on my Xperia but that is never going to happen.  So I welcome this copycat with open arms, just as long as they don't ruin it with loads of in app purchases.

Blog Repulze pic1Blog Repulze pic2

They have not given a clear indication of a release date for Android gamers yet but they have reassured us that 'they want to do it right'.  Which personally I am taking as it could be a month away but they refuse to rush it out when it isn't ready.  They did also say that optimisation for the Xperia PLAY is likely too, so for all us that continue to use our trusty PSP Androids phones we will continue to get high quality games into 2013.  They didn't answer our question about the MOGA gamepad or HID pads but for us, that is the backup plan if it isn't Xperia PLAY optimised anyways.

Blog Repulze shot3

Anyway, watch the video below and let us know what you think?  Excited?? I genuinely hope that the soundtrack for Repulze is as good as it was on Wip3out, I mean that is always a standout feature in good racing games.  Lets hope we find out soon.

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