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Expendable Rearmed now optimised for... everything!

Written by Barry G. Posted in Blog

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Expendables Rearmed has received an update this weekend and now supports every gamepad on Android including the Xperia PLAY.

We have been following this game with a keen eye as we heard rumours that it was going to be Xperia PLAY optimised quite early on but then our hopes died when it was released with nothing. Then a few updates appeared and one by one the developer studio Retrobomb has been adding gamepad support for HID pads, then the MOGA pad (which we also quite like) and now finally, Xperia PLAY too. Yay!

We have been talking with Retrobomb via email and they are hugely excited about this update and clearly are one of those developers that are totally switched on. They even sent us a preview sample of the game for us to try out and we've been playing it all weekend on the PLAY trying to break it (the game not the PLAY). Being a dual stick shooter, it only makes sense to take advantage of the dual analog pads which they have. Done a good job too as the aiming precision is very good. Having said that, Xperia PLAY controls are perfect for dual stick shooters, there is a lot of genre of games that PLAY is king for but especially dual stick shooters.

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We have been trying the MOGA version with our Xperia touch devices too, the Xperia T, Xperia S & Xperia V. Works just as good in my opinion as naturally again you have two analog sticks, it has been optimised for the MOGA nicely and this set up is an acceptable alternative if you don't have an Xperia PLAY. If you do not know what a MOGA pad is, then check out our hardware section.

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Expendables Rearmed is an arcade style shoot 'em up from the Dreamcast and PC which has now been ported onto Android and it feels right at home. Real console quality gameplay and non stop chaos and destruction. It has all of the retro arcade qualities with high quality graphics & 3D rendering that you would expect from the N64/Dreamcast era. It is absolute rammed to the top with action from the start to the finish with explosions, rockets, lasers and all sorts flying everywhere. If you love your high action shoot 'em ups like the old Metal Slug games or newer titles like Dead on Arrival, then definitely get this on your phone now.  Available on Google Play store for £1.99.


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