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Installing and Using FlashTool

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How to install, use and flash stock software + more with flashtool

Download the latest version of flashtool here (FLASH TOOL)

Flashtool is a pc program a bit like sonys pc updater except you can flash with abit more choice. you can use this program for flashing any stock offical sony ericsson software (FTF named files direct from sony ericsson offical flashing computer code named EMMA ) to all the 2011 sony ericsson range and some of Sonys 2012 range devices providing its the right software for the right device to do this your phone does not need to be unlocked in any way. It also enables you to flash any including previous versions of sony software over the version you have, you can flash these over custom roms too.

You are following these tutorials at your own risk, we do not take any responsibility for errors warning

Things you can do with this program



1) flash any sony ericsson firmware (FTF files)

2) flash sony ericsson offical kernals (SIN files) without flashing hole firmware

3) flash different basebands (FTF files)

4) install different system apps along with firmware's

5) auto root your device

6) unbrick your device ( depends on the state of your handset damage )

7) relock your bootloaders

8) and more


fastboot mode

1) flash custom kernals (boot.IMG files)

2) flash system images (system.IMG files)

3) and more


installation of flashtool

    Windows version :
  1. Install the full install Flashtool latest package
  2. Apply the latest update (each update is cumulative)
    Updates will not install if full latest package is not installed
    Linux version :
  1. Unpack the tar.7z package
  2. Check that libusb-1.0 is installed. On 64bits system, both 64bit and 32bit should be installed.
  3. Add these rules to /etc/udev :
    SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ACTION=="add", SYSFS{idVendor}=="0fce", SYSFS{idProduct}=="*", MODE="0777"

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