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clockworkmod recovery

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clock work mod recovery for android device's


What is clockwork mod recovery?


ClockworkMod – also known as Clockwork and CWM – is a custom recovery for Android phones and tablets that allows you to perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device that aren’t possible with the stock recovery. In what follows, we will cover all that this recovery is capable of doing, and how to do it.

ClockworkMod Recovery is a secondary recovery option for Android devices made by xda deveolper Koush. It is based off the eclair recovery image. Features include Nandroid backup, adb shell, advanced options (ignore asserts and signature checks), and file browser for choosing update.zips

This is the hub of most rooting mods with out this on your device's you cannot do half the stuff you see in this Rooted Zone section. 


More info About Android Recovery

All Android devices ship with a recovery console that is basically a partition on the device’s internal memory and can be booted into. The stock recovery of almost all Android devices provides a few basic yet handy options that allow you to factory reset your device and also to recover its operating system using an official ROM in zip format, but that’s all you can do with it. That’s where a custom recovery comes handy.

A custom Android recovery basically replaces the stock recovery with one that lets you do all you can do with the stock recovery, plus a plethora of more options to give you a lot more control on your device. With a custom recovery, you can install official and unofficial ROMs as well as other updates including apps, themes, kernels etc. using zip files, wipe not just user data but pretty much every partition on your device, mount the storage card for USB mass storage access without leaving recovery, partition your SD card, wipe Dalvik cache and battery stats, fix permissions, perform, manage and restore backups and so on.


How do i install clockwork mod recovery on my device?

There are many ways you can put clockwork mod on your device some of the ways are listed below.

  1. App / installer (clock work mod recovery app installer* below)( for locked or unlocked bootloaders)(2010 devices's only)
  2. built in to custom kernals ( most custom kernals have this built in )( for locked bootloaders only)(2011 and 2012)
  3. Pc (you can boot into clockwork mod recovery using your pc and fastboot and the right image file more info here (recovery part). )( for locked bootloaders )(2011 devices only at moment)



How do i use clockwork mod recovery?

Getting into the recovery

On most Android devices including ones by Sony ericcson, you can enter recovery by powering your device off and then powering it back on while keeping tapping either the ‘Volume Down’, 'Volume Up' or the ‘Back key’ button, depending on the device and clockwork mod version. This will enter the RECOVERY. By navigating to choice's with the Volume key and entering it with the (Power key or home key) you can select what you want to do or install.




Clockwork mod recovery app installer*  

Auto-Installer app for nobodyAtAll's CWM recovery. ( for locked or unlocked bootloaders )(2011 device's only)

This App will work with the 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia porfolio only. it will install CWM into the system partition so you can use recovery even with a locked bootloader. The Recovery has been ported by nobodyAtall @xda for the Xperia phones! All Credits to him and pvyparts for making a nice easy installer. This CWM recovery is for people who don't want to unlock their bootloaders risking their DRM / warranty. It is not 'true' recovery per se, since it installs in /system, but all the CWM functions should work.

Download link android market

Download link apk



  • ADB root shell
  •  reboot system now
  • apply update from sdcard
  • wipe data / factory reset
  • wipe cache partition
  • install zip from sdcard
  • backup and restore
  • backup
  • restore
  • advanced restore
  • mounts and storage
  • mount / unmount /cache
  • mount / unmount /data
  • mount / unmount /sdcard
  • mount / unmount /system
  • mount / unmount /sd-ext
  • mount / unmount /cache
  • format /cache
  • format /data
  • format /sdcard
  • format /system
  • format /sd-ext
  • mount USB storage
  • advanced
  • reboot recovery
  • wipe Dalvik Cache
  • wipe Battery Stats
  • report Error
  • key Test
  • partition SD Card
  • Ext Size
  • Swap Size (Set this to 0)
  • Rest Size is for vfat
  • fix permissions
  • power off




Supported Phones!

  • Arc lt15
  • Arc s lt18
  • Xperia Mini and Mini Pro (not x10 mini/pro)
  • Active
  • Xperia Play
  • Neo


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