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Some of the greatest video games ever, don't even make it to the domestic video game consoles

In computer games, MAME is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. According to the official MAME website (, the first official MAME release (0.1) was released on February 5 1997 by Nicola Salmoria. MAME tries to faithfully emulate as many different arcade machines and games as possible, and has been ported to many different platforms.

MAME's purpose is to preserve gaming history, and to stop vintage games from being lost or forgotten.
We have tested the mame android emulators available some on market some not.


Tiger mame [taken off market available on tigers web site here if that link does not work use thisstars_Rating_4

Best looking and good game play but compatibility with games still needs work.


Mame4all [available on Android market free with adds] stars_Rating_2

Lower level mame does not play high end games at all.


Jrioni arcade [available on Android market priced £3.03] stars_Rating_2

the verdicts seam good but the app needs code from dev.’s and we never got ours.


Android arcade emulator [taken off market on web sites] stars_Rating_1

Installed ok would not run any game we had out of 20.

The Best: Tiger MAME


Hey guys welcome to the best arcade machine emulator on android tiger mame. With the most compatibility tiger mame is the most sort after even as not available on market but semi easy to find on web. Tiger mame is an emulator that runs neo-geo arcade, cps1, cps2 and other sorts of different makes of arcade machine gamige. After testing this emu for few weeks now can’t get enough I would say the best emulator to work with the Xperia play, what I mean by that is it’s the perfect match in the end of the day the Xperia play is a phone mostly when it comes to games on the move you want to play something quick and fast but so you really rewarded afterwards and how could you achieve that feeling, well its arcade machines games which are made for playing short term but with big appeal.

This emulator is easy to install just like most of others stretch the screen add the key mappings to your device and play, the only different thing to others is the game’s unlike psx and others you can’t just make your own rom’s or iso’s unless you have a big massive arcade machine and lots of random cables. The web is key here you will have to download them, once you have done this some might not still play like neo-geo game’s to do this you will have to download specific bio’s for what machine the game was originally on like neo-geo, once you have bio’s and games you will have to combine them using zip files. The downloaded game will come as a zip file unlike most of the other emulators mame will read these but you will have to add the correct bio’s into each of the different game’s you have for it to run. In game on our version save states are not available newer ones are but then I think that is more authentic to arcades

In game is where it’s at, lovely fast moving colours to entice and fast straight off action to contend with really like the old arcades and playing them on android does not disappoint it feels right games while out. One of the best things I think but maybe small to others is that the games are made for coins to start and you can’t get away from it here you will have to map a button for coin slot when came starts up you will have to tap that button to add coins to game to start. When that little joy is over into the games and straight into action unlike many console either putting you thought fmv’s or long winded tutorials arcade games put you in at the deep end straight into mayhem as you would not normally be at a machine for a long time so they try to get you hooked straight away the best sort for gaming on the move. We have tested a few games’ sit back and enjoy.

Remember Alien Vs Predator?

Emulator_Mame_AVP2 Emulator_Mame_AVP1

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